Taylor Stevens - 4th Of July 1 - Big boobs return!

Starring:Taylor Stevens

Yes, Fourth of July is long since over but you know what?  We don't care! You know why?  Because we've got 34GG Taylor Stevens here in a very patriotic bathing suit and using it to flaunt her big tits, that's why!  Seriously, do you even NEED another reason?  We didn't think so.  Yes, it's Taylor and yes, she's beyond incredibly cute and yes, she had big fun boobs that are big fun to play with (well, at least SHE has fun playing with them -- we just get to watch) but boy does she ever provide an eyeful here.  Taylor has the goods and more and knows how to work it, too, so we are more than happy to relive our Fourth of July from last month here once again with this awesome big titty babe!

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