Stacey Poole - Christmas Stocking 1

Starring:Stacey Poole

As you may have guessed, we are really getting excited for the upcoming holidays and we cannot get all of these great holiday-themed goodies up and on the site fast enough for you all, but we're trying our best so hang in there with us! ;-)

With that in mind, we have the lovely and awesomely awesome (is that a term?) 32GG Stacey Poole back at us again, to take us into the weekend and keep our holiday spirits lifted. 

Stacey is our reigning Model of the Year for 2015 and she absolutely knocked it out of the park last year with her "Christmas Corset" series, so this year we thought we would bring her back for an encore performance and she delivers yet again.

Happy holidays indeed, and stick around for much more!

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