Lorna Morgan - Yellow Tank Top - Big boobs rebooted!

Starring:Lorna Morgan

So we have a very special big boobed treat today for you all:  every once in a while we like to "reboot" one of our videos that maybe wasn't quite done the right way or not exactly edited the way we would have liked, or didn't include all the footage that we wanted (especially the good parts) and today we have something that is right in that wheelhouse:  the lovely and talented and fantastically busty 34HH Lorna Morgan is back with a new video that is a reboot of one of her old ones and better resolution with more than double the footage of the old one, featuring all her awesome "to camera" striptease footage where she enchants us with her stunning smile and massive mammaries.  Lorna has always been one of the best striptease models we have ever worked with and she deftly knows how to handle those gigantic tits of hers --  she is so good at it in fact that she will make you wish you could be handling them the very same way! ;-)  

Screenshots from this Video
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