Lorna Morgan - Bubble Bath - Remastered

Starring:Lorna Morgan

As many of you saw yesterday, we celebrated our 19th anniversary and since we're so damned old now, we thought it might be nice to take a little trip down memory lane with one of our very FIRST Busty Pinup Girls here at PinupFiles, the lovely and ever-smiling 34H Lorna Morgan!

We originally published this video in mulitple parts, and in a tiny screen size, and no sound, way back in the day when downloading a 20+ minute video on the internet was like raising the Titanic, but now, thanks to the modern internet and video technology, we can finally bring you the FULL video, in all it's glory at FULL SIZE resolution and it looks AMAZING.

We figured someone as legendary as Lorna, who did a lot to help us carve out our little corner of the web here, deserved a little re-mastering and of this incredible video and so do all of you, so please enjoy this much improved version of this great video with all-new footage, sound, and much improved image quality. :)

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