Lana Kendrick - Car Wash 3

Starring:Lana Kendrick

Did we mention that we are desperately holding on to the last gasps of summer here? And what goes better with summer than a hot babe in a tight outfit washing a car? Better yet, what is better than a hot babe with awesome all-natural big tits washing that car... with her big tits! Well, summer may be fading but we have the lovely, lithe and luxuriously lunged 32GG Lana Kendrick here to keep us in the summer frame of mind just a little bit longer.

Lana is back again in her sexy red one-piece "Baywatch" style suit here, and soaping up this care and her awesome big boobs in unison, and then using those big beautiful boobies of hers to scrub down the windows, to which all of you get a front row seat!  :)

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