Katie Thornton - Holiday Wishes 2

Starring:Katie Thornton

It is time for some more big breasted holiday wishes coming at you here on a Friday, courtesy of our lovely new blonde bombshell discovery, the incredible 32J Katie Thornton, who's sexy smile and absolutely huge tits are here to put even more holiday joy into your heart this season.

As we mentioned earlier, we shot so much great stuff with Katie and she did such a terrific job with all of it that we are going to have to do some extra video bonus updates this month just to get it all in!   Watching Katie's massive boobs spilling out of her hands and over her arms and across the floor and jiggling like so much hypnotic goodness is... well, hypnotic!  

There is just something about a bouncy blonde babe with big boy and breasts that makes us go absolutely bonkers, and Katie is the epitome of the kind of super-stacked babe we absolutely adore so stay tuned for more incredible stuff from her comeing soon, including her first strip tease!

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