Katie Thornton - Happy New Year 3

Starring:Katie Thornton

Even though January 1st is long gone, in our minds the new year is still just beginning!  And when you have an impossibly sexy huge breasted babe like 32J Katie Thornton, you know we will take pretty much any excuse to keep the celebration going, because sexy babes with incredibly awesome and pillowy big boobs like her's do not come along very often, so when they do, we have good reason to celebrate!

At this point, we've said enough superlatives about Katie and her fantastically phenomenal body, her sexy cute smile and those luscious huge tits,  so we will just pipe down now and let Katie's awe-inspiring bod do the talking for us...  seeing those huge boobs spilling out all over the couch she is lounging on is enough to get us in gear and get us through the rest of the week,  so hopefully she does the same for all of you, too!

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