Katie Thornton - Blue Bikini Bombs 2

Starring:Katie Thornton

Hard to believe that it's August already, except for the fact that it is HOT outside...

It's even been hot this summer in the UK, where typically we can get a bit of a break from the heat, but even then, when you have incredibly sexy big bust babes like the lovely 32H Katie Thornton here, the temperatures go up a few extra degrees all on their own!

Yes, Katie has that effect on us and pretty much everyone who sees her, and here she gives us what we think is her best video yet, unleashing her bodacious big boobs out of her stretchy bikini top and giving us a close up and personal view of her astonishing breast skin-softening techinques.  

Ask any woman and she will tell you -- it's all about the moisturizer, right Katie? ;-)

Just check out the video and you will see exactly what we mean!

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