Jana Defi - iPod Dance 2 - Remastered

Starring:Jana Defi

Once the midweek deadline hits and you realize there's still half the week left to go before the weekend, it's always good to have a little extra juice in the tank to help get you through it all. Fortunately we have just the person to provide since juice and that is the lovely all-natural 32G Jana Defi,  who brings even a bit more extra juice and this latest video, featuring her perfect all natural big boobs and her always winning smile and some earbud headphones to top it all off!

This gem is one of our all-time favorite videos because it was inspired by the work of one of the all-time greats, the legendary Russ Meyer, who used to love to shoot videos of hot busty babes with awe-inspiring big naturals like these, dancing just like this.  Safe to say, if Mr. Meyer had ever laid eyes on Jana, he would approve. :)


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