Stacey Poole - Vol. 2 - Set 1

Starring:Stacey Poole

We have more pure holioday-themed awesomeness coming at you today in the form of a new photo set from the lovely and stunningly busty 34G Stacey Poole and when you see her busting out of this sexy green Christmas corset, you will be thinking what we were thinking when we saw her... that the "G" in 34G stands for "Goodness!" or "God-damn!" just depending on how still-stunned you are once you pick yourself up off the floor.

Stacey is one of the top glamour gals in the UK and it is not hard to see why... she has that incredibly rare comibnation of gorgeous face, sexy body, sensuous smile and big, firm heavy breasts that absolutely blow your big boobs-loving brain out of the water.  

When we found this corset, we knew right then and there that we had to see Stacey in it and all we can say is "Goodness gracious Goddamn!" did she ever deliver!  Thanks for making our holidays that much more merry and bright, Stacey!

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