Stacey Poole - Vol. 1 - BTS - Set 1

Starring:Stacey Poole

Time to bow your week off right with another busty British babe with buoyant big boobs, and that comes once again today in the form of 32G Stacey Poole, who gets our Monday off to a rocking start in her tiny stars and stripes bikini. 


The sexy babe with big boobs in a bikini look has always been one of our specialities and Stacey makes it even more special today, as she wears the red, white and blue with aplomb and sexy style to match in this terrific behind-the-scenes set.



Stacey gets all wet in the outdoor pool in the sizzling sun and then takes a sizzling turn of her own as she peels that bikini off and proves she doesn't need to be wearing much at all to look firecracker good as she saunters from the pool to the shower and gets those big beautiful boobs all hot and ready!

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