Linsey Dawn McKenzie - Vol. 1 - Set 1

Starring:Linsey Dawn McKenzie

Today we are incredibly happy to bring everyone, including ourselves here at PinupFiles, a very special new model who is, simply put, an absolute legend of glamour.  

She is someone we have not only always wanted to work with for many years, but she is also one of the reasons PinupFiles even exists in the first place, as her work and beauty and of course her simply spectacular chest was one of the original inspirations behind everything we do here.  

So without further ado, please help us welcome one of our original muses and one of the all-time greats, the lovely and legendary 32GG Linsey Dawn McKenzie!

We could write an entire book about what she has done in the world of glamour and who illustrious publication history, but instead of reprinting what can be readily found with a basic internet search, we will simply say "thank you" to Linsey for her great work and fantastic looks and for doing such a fantastic job on her debut shoot with us.

Linsey is sexy, curvy and her big tits are full and round and outstanding, and she proves without a doubt that she can still rock a bikini and sexy lingerie (and pretty much any other outfit, come to think of it) and that very few have ever done it better that she.  

Since it is techincally November when she is making her debut (nearly) December and we always like to blow it out with the holiday celebrations around here, we thought it might be nice to bridge the holidays, color-wise, with a holiday-colored sparkle bikini (December) with orange trim (November).  How's that for a multi-purpose wardrobe item? ;-)

Welcome Linsey!

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