Brandy Robbins - Vol. 12 - Set 1 - Huge hooters in leather!

Starring:Brandy Robbins

We don't shoot our models wearing it that often, but there's just something about leather!  Especially when it is a very badass leather outfit on a super sexy big bust model with incredible huge tits, and 30G Brandy Robbins definitely fits the bill on all counts of that one!  Brandy has always had kind of a rock and roll streak to her and when we told her we had this very cool leather Harley vest for her to wear, she was like "I'm there!"  Brandy's sexy slim frame and big honkin' titties are the perfect match for this vest and the biker babe image it projects.  Throw in her pouty lips and bedroom eyes and you have another amazing photo entry from big boobed Brandy!

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