Antonella Kahllo - Vol. 5 - Set 2

Starring:Antonella Kahllo

Have we pontoficated lately on how awesome it is to see a sexy babe with absolutely HUGE tits in a corset?  Especially when they are absolutely huge, firm and all-natural big tits? Well, if we haven't, then allow us to pontificate on the truly astounding all-natural bosom of 32J Antonella Kahllo!

Antonella's boobs are big, firm, round, and so very pillowy and perfect, and they are exactly what we need here on a Monday to get us through not only the day, but the rest of the week as well.

The other thing about Antonella in a corset that you may have noticed is that she really doesn't stay in them very well.  Her boobs are so big and her nipples are centered right where they should be, so they tend to want to pop out pretty much every time she inhales, so it was a bit of a struggle to keep them in there, which is why we had to go with a bra on this shoot as well, because those beautful big ones of her's simply would not stay put. ;-)

Either way, boobs in or out, Antonella makes it work snd definitely brightens our day, so big thanks to her for sharing her incredible endowments with us in such fine fashion. Thank you, Antonella!

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