Antonella Kahllo - Vol. 3 - BTS - Set 1

Starring:Antonella Kahllo

The impossible sexiness that is 32J Antonella Kahllo is back!  We needed someone with special powers and really huge tits to get us going early this week and the good news is that Antonella is back and weaving her special brand of big booby magic right here on our digital pages at PinupFiles, in radiant technicolor! ;-)


We loved seeing Antonella so much in her hot pink bikini and fishnet top, with those sexy long nipples of hers poking through the fabric, that we simply could not help ourselves when it came to helping ourselves to more Antonella!  


This is her first set of behind-the-scenes shots from this shoot, and WOW does she ever look incredible, as always. Her big tits can hardly be contained by that tinny bikini top of hers (who are we kidding... it's not even close!) and she has the fishnet top for reinforcement, but even that is no match for the levels of bustiness that Antonella reaches and eventually she just has to get those babies out and (thankfully) show them off!  

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